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System solutions for the identification of glasses and contact lenses.

Our vision, „There’s a bit of LensMarkTec in every lens!“ , is combined with our goal, „Every living being in the world, who has a need, should have a vision correction!“ , demands maximum flexibility and the use of the latest technologies.

Different identification processes are used in the production of spectacle lenses and contact lenses. LensMarkTec offers the most innovative ophthalmic identification solutions for Lens-Engraver of every kind of ophthalmic lens.

Due to the many years of our employees’ experience in the development of Lens-Engraver systems since 2005, the objective of LensMarkTec is to establish itself as the world market leader in the field of ophthalmic marking systems, a mandatory consequence.

For all offered laser engraving systems, LensMarkTec guarantees reliable system stability with highest engraving accuracy at maximum throughput through innovation and quality.

Manual laser Engraving

LensMarkTec | Lens-Engraver

Laser engraving technology
with Excimer Lasers

Excimer lasers are gas lasers that can generate electromagnetic radiation in the ultraviolet wavelength range. They are currently the most flexible and powerful sources of coherent radiation in the ultraviolet spectrum. The short-wave, ultraviolet emission permits a non-thermal interaction with the material to be processed, so that the excimer laser is most suitable for applications requiring high precision accuracy and dot quality. It can therefore be used for all materials and forms of permanent engraving of spectacle lenses and contact lenses.

Excimer Laser: Download Legends and Facts

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LensMarkTec | Lens-Engraver

Laser engraving technology
with DPSS Lasers

The DPSS lasers that we use combine a pump laser diode or diode array with a laser crystal to provide a highly stable wavelength output. The pump diodes generate light extremely efficiently, which corresponds to the absorption peak of the laser crystal in the DPSS laser cavity. Consequently, DPSS lasers are compact, efficient tools, coupled with very stable emission wavelengths.

Additional optics and proprietary cavity designs allow narrow line widths for those laser applications where low noise or long coherence length is required. All existing glasses and contact lens materials can be processed with and without coating.

Our DPSS laser system is suitable for all visible and invisible engravings on spectacle lenses of any kind (including CR39, polycarbonate, high index materials and mineral glass) as well as for the marking of hard and soft contact lenses.
However, it is important for our customers to know that the application of a DPSS laser with CR39 is only really suitable if the UV absorber content in the base material is high enough.

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